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nnt.jpg has been giving service for 7 years on the internet. It is an innovative crypto currency. It has become an important role which is improving and increasing trading volume. Besides, it has become more stabil and prolific to share and invest. With the increasing value it has been used by many people around the world. As financial it has some fundemental meanings and functions for example it is an investment tool, a payment and buying method. This new enterprise aims to provide information and profit about the new economy of crypto currency and its sub-sectors. Furthermore, the study aims to develop a perspective on the future of this new economy and can be used as a preliminary enterprise for further inestments.

NNT tokens which are currently solely available on the site as specific packages. The number of NNT tokens limited to 11 billion and it will be reduced or increased according to the supply and demand. You can set up your own stock exchange and build a stock exchange called Nitro Exchange and it will distribute stock market shares to all investors.